After he graduated from St. George’s Austrian High School, Ferhat Jak İçöz received undergraduate education in Psychology at Istanbul Bilgi University and Vassar College. He completed his specialization in Clinical Psychology at Istanbul Bilgi University. During his education he was working as an intern at the Psychological Counselling Centre of Istanbul Bilgi University, Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital and at the French La Paix Hospital.

In addition to his specialization in Clinical Psychology he completed his master’s degree in International Management with a specialisation in Management of Health Systems at University of Liverpool.

In 2012 he established his private practice, where he has been continuing to work since then. By the year of 2015 his office was institutionalized under the name of Existential Academy of Istanbul.

Since 2012 he has been partaking in laying the groundwork for the Society for Existential Psychotherapies in Turkey– EXISTanbul, for which he currently serves as the founding president.

In order to promote existential philosophy and psychotherapy and to address the deficiency of literature in Turkish language regarding those subjects, Ferhat Jak İçöz established Aletheia Publishing House.

In 2009 he started further training in Existential Analysis and Logotherapy, which he completed in 2012 with a Diploma certificate of Trainer and Supervisor. In 2013 Ferhat Jak İçöz was appointed as a faculty member of Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy (Dallas, Texas, USA). At present he’s offering the first and only psychotherapy training program in Existential Analysis and Logotherapy in Turkey.

He conducts psychotherapy with individuals and groups. His therapeutic stance integrates the psychoanalytic and existential approaches. Hence, he has been trained in psychodrama (Psychodrama Institute of New York) and in Gestalt Therapy with Assoc. Prof. Hanna Nita Scherler and obtained a license for being a yoga instructor at Cihangir Yoga (Istanbul, Turkey). Besides that, Ferhat Jak İçöz is still continuing to do research and has by now delivered more than 20 presentations at international conferences.

Alongside his teaching and psychotherapy activities, he is a doctorate candidate in the field of existential psychotherapy at the Middlesex University – New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling (London, England), and he is studying Philosophy (BA) at Birkbeck, University of London.

Ferhat Jak İçöz is a member of Türk Psikologlar Derneği (TPD; the Turkish Psychological Association), the British Psychological Society (BPS), the Society of Existential Analysis (SEA), the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (IARPP) and the International Neuropsychoanalysis Society (NPSA).


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